Pray for Rushere

Health Issues

  • In July Wilson (Bonitta’s husband) fell unconscious and needed brain surgery, as reported in the last letter. Bonitta says

Wilson is doing well. The surgery was very successful. We were in India for about 3 weeks in August 2014. The incident has not left any significant abnormalities PRAISE GOD!

He had a thanksgiving service recently at his home church. However it appears he still gets tired, so pray that his natural enthusiasm is curbed a bit to allow complete rehabilitation!

  • Lucy (Guest House Manager) had been diagnosed also for a need of an operation on her nose to relieve sinus pains. She was seeking treatment in Nairobi, but this is very expensive. She has received some treatment in Uganda, and this has relieved the pain most of the time. Give thanks for her improvement. Pray for Lucy as she finds things quite hard. Pray also that if an operation is necessary she will be able to put together the necessary finance.

Hospital News

  • Thank God that Dr Baguma Edna, a female Senior Doctor is now in post. She is also a keen Christian. She works with Dr Simon Peter at the hospital, with Dr Abdul working at the weekends. The doctors are assisted by 3 clinical officers, 2 of whom are employed by the government and 1 by the hospital.
  • St John's school trainee nursesPray for the nursing situation. There are about 30% too few nurses. Recruitment is done through the District, US Aid and also directly. The hospital has 14 student nurses, who change every 2 months, from St John’s private Nurse Training School near Ntungamo (about 75 miles away). Because the nursing is not of a good enough standard, Lucy has been asked to act as ‘Nursing Administrator’. Two years ago she did a management training course and so is well qualified to undertake this task. Please pray for Lucy with this new responsibility.
  • Bonitta has still a heavy work load, so please pray that some assistance can be given her, e.g. administrative assistant or maintenance manager.
  • New horticulture schemeThe hospital has bought a green-house with irrigation to grow vegetables for sale. This is a project from the Chapel donations and the funds generated will facilitate social support for the needy funding treatment for people who cannot afford the hospital fees. A staff member was trained in running the green house and irrigation etc. Thank God for this initiative and pray that many patients will be helped as a result.
  • The number of private patients is still rather low. Although there has been some increase, they hope for further improvements. Please pray for a significant increase of private patients to help the finances of the hospital.
  • Staff house under constructionThe standard of accommodation in Rushere is very poor and it is hoped eventually to accommodate all staff on the premises. So far construction of eight single rooms has been completed for the critical junior staff required to be on call at the hospital. Please pray that the provision of satisfactory accommodation of all staff will soon be achieved.
  • Thank God for the appointment of a new chapel administrator, Eunice Gudoi. There has been some increase in people attending chapel services, and the services are relayed to the wards.
  • On 9th Nov. they hosted the Bishop of North Ankole Diocese, Rt. Rev John Muhanguzi to bid him farewell. Both staff and community members attended the service. Please pray for Bishop John as he retires and the appointment of God’s person to replace him. Pray that the new Bishop will work well with the hospital.

Guest House News

  • The garden outside the Guest House has been improved and although not full, there is a steady Guest houseflow of guests. The income covers the costs of the guest house and provides some money to make improvements. Plans to renovate the Guest House this year were made and the contractor is to send a quotation later this month. Give thanks for the Guest House and pray for Lucy as she manages it and for the plans for renovation.