Pray for Rushere

We give thanks for:

  • A service in the Chapel at Rushere HospitalWork has begun to tarmac all the roads within the hospital grounds, including the road up to the staff quarters, the directors, the Guest House and the doctors’ quarters.
  • The completion of the Chapel – now being used for prayers each morning and evening and also for a service on Sunday mornings.
  • The appointment of Pastor Steven Buwembo to act as the Chapel coordinator following the departure of Christine Ankunda.
  • The new private ward, which has been furnished with bed curtains that were made and erected by the team of young people in July 2012, giving privacy to private patients.  The hospital has started to provide cooked meals to patients on this ward. The food is provided by the Guest House and an additional member of staff has been employed to help with the cooking and serving of the meals.
  • Play area at Rushere HospitalA new children’s play area behind the Chapel, providing a place to play for children who attend the HIV clinic.
  • Improvements to the security for the compound has been improved by repairs to the hospital gate and the completion of the fencing round the compound. The money that Friends of Rushere sent last year paid for all the chain link fencing and half the poles.
  • Improvements to solar lighting – funded by The Friends of Rushere sent in 2011.

We would value your prayers for the following:

  • The provision of an ambulance. The ambulance the hospital had, was in a bad accident on its way to Mbarara Blood Bank and the ambulance was written off. Thankfully staff who were involved escaped with minor inquiries.


  • For wisdom and strength for Bonitta as she leads the hospital, and for Wilson as he supports the chapel and looks to develop income generating projects.
  • For relationships with the District over the issue of staff being transferred and also the development of the Nurses training school.
  • For wisdom and honesty for all those involved in running RUHOST (savings/loan scheme).
  • For Lucy for wisdom and sensitivity in her various roles in the Guest House and hospital.
  • For better communication between the hospital and supporters in the UK and an increase in interest in the hospital in the UK.
  • Last, but not least, that the hospital will be a place where there is a strong Christian witness and people’s spiritual needs will be met as well as their physical and mental ones.

In addition, there are a number of developments that are planned / hoped for:

  • Development of an old store (behind the private ward) so that it can be used as a kitchen/dining room for students.  It would be divided with a kitchen at one end and a dining area at the other.
  • One of the latrine blocks can no longer be used as it is too full. As the building is of solid construction they are looking at the possibilities for re-using it (digging pit deeper, installing flush toilets?)
  • A former Minister of Health promised that funds would be made available to build more staff housing. Staff are trying to follow this up.
  • Patients Kitchen  The cooking area for patients’ carers is in an old tin shed with smoky, open fires. This needs to be replaced by a more adequate and safer kitchen.
  • Parking  Bonitta would like a proper parking space at the back of the hospital as well as at the front so that trolleys would not have to be wheeled so far and the grassy areas currently used would not get churned up.
  • Cows at Rushere HospitalIncome Generation  Bonitta is keen to look at ways in which the hospital can become more self-sufficient financially.  As well as improving facilities she would like the hospital to be able to fund more staff salaries, without relying on the Distinct. This should reduce the problem of key staff being transferred to work in the District.  Among the ideas are a milk processing unit attached to the hospital farm and the pastor of a local Pentecostal church is hoping to use an area near the chapel to grow vegetables which would be sold and the income donated to the Chapel fund.