Travelling to Rushere

Rushere Community Hospital is based in the small town of Rushere in South West Uganda.

Getting to Uganda
A number of airlines fly to Entebbe International Airport, including British Airways, KLM, Emirates, Brussels Airlines and Kenya Airways. It is also possible to travel to Uganda by road from surrounding countries.

Getting to Rushere
It takes about 4 hours to travel by road in a private car from Kampala to Rushere. The journey by public transport takes between 5 and 6 hours. The Guest House will make arrangements to meet electives/visitors in Kampala or Entebbe and also arrange overnight accommodation if required.

For your convenience and safety, we strongly advise that you accept the arrangements made by the Guest House, particularly if you are new to travelling in Africa. Please contact Lucy Akinyi (Guest House Manager) to discuss details. Her mobile number is + 256 (0) 752862313.

Visa information
It is very likely that you’ll need to organise a visa before your visit. Visa forms can be obtained from the Uganda High Commission or Embassy in your country. The following links may be helpful:

Australia/New Zealand –

Canada –

UK –