Lucy Akinyi, Guest House Manager

Lucy Akinyi, Guest House Manager, Rushere HospitalLucy comes from Nairobi, Kenya, where her mother still lives. When she was a child, she went to Kisumu, where she stayed with her uncle’s family. During her school years, she was sponsored by Compassion International.

After leaving school, Lucy went to Nairobi Kenya Polytechnic to study for a Certificate in Hotel and Catering Management. She completed 2 years of the 3 year course. While in college she worked in the college restaurant every Saturday, and then got a job at the Church of Kenya Guest House. Joan Hall, the former Director of Rushere Hospital, was a visitor at the Guest House early in 2005. After discussions with Lucy, she invited her to be the Warden of the new Guest House at Rushere Hospital. Lucy came to Rushere in May 2005 and started on a 5 year contract.

Lucy thanks God for Compassion International, not only for the sponsorship that helped her to complete her schooling, but also for the camps that they arranged for young people. It was on one of these camps when she was 14 that she came to know Christ and she has continued to walk with him since that time. Lucy’s uncle was not happy about her conversion at first, but came to accept the situation. Her father was sceptical as to how long her faith would last. However, Lucy thanks God that He has continued to be with her. Deep inside he she feels the love of God and his care for her.

Lucy’s vision for the Guest House is that it will develop to be a place of high professional standards, which offers Christian hospitality, and that visitors will feel renewed and refreshed.