Dr Bonitta Kafureka, Director

Dr Bonitta Kafureka, Director, Rushere HospitalI am Bonitta Kafureka a Medical Doctor, recently appointed as Director Rushere hospital. I believe this is a God ordained call.

Since 2004 I have served as a Medical Doctor in Uganda Prisons, after completing my medical degree. I had achieved a diploma in Medicine prior to the degree in medicine. I felt God was calling me to work with prisoners, and I believe that it was useful service. Together with others we tremendously reduced the death rate in the prisons in Kampala, by addressing malnutritional and HIV problems.

Now I am looking forward to what God would do to continue to transform Rushere hospital.

I got married on August 22, 2009. My spouse has been a church administrator in a pentecostal church in Rwanda, although his home of origin, is an hours’ drive from Rushere hospital. He is open to what God would lead him to do, hopefully in Rushere hospital.
It is exciting and challenging too, starting to work in Rushere hospital, as well as my recent marriage. But the most exciting part is the sense that God is at work.

The hospital is still in its infancy stages, but has great potential if the resources of both human and infrastructure development are available. There is a sense of Gods hand in this place, and I hope this hospital can be a model hospital for Uganda!