How Rushere has developed

Healthcare services have been available at Rushere since 1988, when a small clinic was set up. In 1992, it was recognised that healthcare facilities were needed for the district, and work started on a small hospital.

When Joan Hall was appointed as Director in 1999, it consisted of one building, with only a few members of staff. The last few years has been a period of signicant growth, and now there is now an extended range of buildings, including three new wards and 82 beds. The hospital now employs a total of 52 members of staff.

Rushere-Hospital    private-ward


1961 Tetse fly is eradicated from the area by the government.

1964 People move into the area for its fertile soil and suitability for grazing cows.

1965 Home, schools and churches are built.

1970’s Medical facilities requested but not implemented because of political upheaval.

1988 A small clinic is set up in Rushere.

1992 60 acres of land is acquired and an inter-denominationally based Christian hospital is opened.

1998 Rushere Community Hospital becomes a Non-Government Organisation and later a member of the Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau.

2000 The Hospital becomes the Health Sub-District Headquarters with responsibility for 10 smaller health units.

2002 The Ministry of Health draws up a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ to work in partnership with the hospital.

2002 ‘Global Links’ is launched to encourage the development of the hospital.

2005 Rushere Hospital is designated a Government District Hospital following the establishment of the new district of Kiluhura.

2007 Joan Hall retired as Director.

2008 Global Links renamed as ‘Friends of Rushere Hospital’.

2009 Dr Bonitta Kafureka appointed as Director.